Allied Forces
British 8th. Army
Canadian troops in North Africa
BAWW01 British 8th. Army . BAWW30 Canadian 1st Division - Liri Valley - Italy Spring 1944.
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Australian troops
Scorpions of the desert
DSGCWW01 British SAS troops . BAWW188 Scorpions of the Desert.
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German Forces
Afrika Korps
SS troops
BAWW04 German Afrika Korps BAWW05 German SS Troops
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Camo Afrika Korps
SA troops
BAWW23 Camo Afrika Korps, special set BAWW20 German SA Troops set #2
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German Panzer troops
Panzer Grenadiers
BAWW06 German Panzer Troops BAWW32 German Panzer Grenadiers
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German Infantry troops
German Infantry troops
BAWW17 German Infantry Troops Set #2 BAWW16 German Infantry Troops
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German Brandemburg commands Set
German Brandemburg commands Set#2
BAWW34 German Brandemburg Commands Set BAWW35 German Brandemburg Commands set#2
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German Panzer Desert Troops Set #2
German Snow Troops II
BAWW3 German Panzer Desert Troops set #2 BAWW31 German Snow Troops set #3
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Herald Modern Infantry
Herald Modern Infantry in Korean Uniform
HAWW01 Herald Modern Infantry HAWW02 Herald Modern Infantry in Korean uniform
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Boxed Sets
Australian troops Boxed Set
German Infantry Boxed Set

Set code + /BX

All the sets are available boxed  

Flags, horses colours, horses poses, bases colors and clothes colors could be differents to the showed in the images or could be changed without notice.

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